Preparing Timber for Transport

Stacking timber at roadside for removal by timber lorry

For those of you who are not in the forestry industry here are some tips to make the collection and delivery of your timber as straight forward as possible.


Unless already agreed, the area for stacking and collection should be large enough for an Articulated lorry to turn around off the highway and load or unload safely. The surface that the timber is stacked does not have to be firm however, we will need at least 3.5m adjacent to this to park the lorry whilst loading. We will not generally deliver to or collect from an un-surfaced area such as a field and we cannot load from a public highway.


Our preferred length of timber is 3m. The stack needs to be neat and all in one place. Please note that a stack containing short bits will not be accepted as this poses a serious risk to other road users when carrying the load on the highway.

The first photo below shows how cut timber should be stacked, the second shows how it shouldn't be done.

Prepare timber correctPrepare timber1