Contract Chipper Hire

One of our passions is wood-fuel. We specialize in chipping wood for use in biomass boilers. We can produce G30, G50 and G100. We are able to offer advice to our customers for everything wood-fuel related from sourcing timber, stacking through to chip quality.

We work for most of the wood chip supply companies in East Anglia along with private estates and end users.

Mobile Chipping

We can offer a mobile chipping service for clients who have their own timber resource. Our fleet of equipment is very adaptable and easily transportable using our own vehicles / tractors to enable us to provide a very economic solution for all your chipping requirements.

Albach Diamant 2000

Chipping 1

This chipper is highly flexible and being self-propelled it can be driven to site, set up and working In a matter of minutes.

It produces between 25 and 100 tonnes per hour depending on feed stock and stacking arrangements.

The quality of chip produced by this machine is second to none. The unique rotor design allows the operator to change the chip size to match the clients needs without having the change the screen as you would on a normal drum chipper.

The screen on this machine acts more like an oversize catcher so, rather than the chip getting circulated round and round the rotor housing until it is small enough to pass through the screen the Albach chips the correct size in one pass. The chip is then transported away without getting broken down any further increasing output, improving chip quality and reducing fines.

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Jenz 561 DQ Tracked Chipper

Chipping 1

Our purpose built tracked chipper is a really handy machine. The outputs are the same as the trailed machine but this one has a closed drum. This makes it ideal for chipping brash and whole tree as you do not get the long sticks that you can get with other chippers.

It is self feeding with its own 10m crane which is powered by a separate 100hp engine so that all the 500hp of the main engine goes to producing chip. The shorter in-feed makes it ideal for chipping longer, more branchy material such as whole trees.

For out-put dimensions of this chipper click here