Chip n' Shear

More accurately - Shear & Chip

Track mats

All our shears have rotational function and are ideal for conventional shear work or sectional felling. Arisings can be stacked ready for chipping with one of our Jenz or our Albach Chippers.

This means the conversion of timber and brash into usable high quality chip. Traditionally boiler grade chip has been produced using cut to length harvested softwood which is then chipped using an internally screened chipper. It is our intention to lower the amount of chip produced this way and use fibre that would normally go to waste or low grade markets.

The process:

  • Sort out site access.
  • Install track-mats to allow suitable vehicles on site where needed.
  • Either cut down the trees using conventional methods or one of our tree shears
  • Re-handle where necessary stacking arisings for onward removal using excavator fitted with grab and rotator.
  • Either chip into walking floor trailer, tractor trailer, hook bin etc. or forward arisings to roadside.

Keeping the raw material as big as possible

In many cases trees that are being removed are cut into small pieces manually, handled into lorries or chipped by small tow behind chippers. This produces two forms of material that are difficult to process further.

Using both conventional and high reach tree shears, we can lower to the ground large sections of tree for further processing.

Tree shear 7

Chip with a high capacity chipperChipping 2

This, not only has the benefits of speedy production it also ensures that the chip is a large as possible maximising value.

We have direct links into Biomass Energy providers ensuring we can get the maximum value for the chip we sell.

Forward chip to the loading area.

We can either move the cut arisings on a forwarder to be stacked and chipped into a waiting walking floor lorry, chip into tractors and trailers for stockpiling or chip into high tip trailers for loading straight into hook bins.

Valtra tractor

Use efficient transport

The resulting chip can then be moved on site and loaded into as large a lorry as possible, therefore reducing haulage costs and emissions etc.

Loading walking floor


Because we are now using the whole tree you get more fines due to the presence of small twigs. With this in mind, we screen and dry the chip down to a quality that is higher than a standard G30, G50 or G100 product.